Add a layer of flexible capacity to your own work force

Resourcing is an excellent solution to cover the staffing needs caused by, for example, seasonal changes. We are experts in optimizing human resources and work schedules in a changing workload. Through our extensive staff network, we quickly find the right employees for both long-term and short-term assignments.

We take care of all our employees and handle all aspects of the employment relationship, and strictly follow all applicable rules and laws. We know that motivated employees who enjoy their work are the ones who deliver the best.

Benefits of Barona’s Resourcing

We offer competent employees to help you with seasonal peaks and surprising and changing resource needs. You can also utilise our so-called try&hire model for long-term needs and to facilitate your HR’s recruiting. This means the employee starts out as a contract employee and, as the need stabilises, transfers to your employment.

The right employees

Due to our wide employee network, you will have a competent employee at your service for the exact time you need them and, as the contract employment ends, you can hire the employee permanently. This also saves your time as the actual recruitment process has already been done through us..


You can focus on your core business

You can focus on your core business. We take care of all employment-related matters for the contract employee, such as salaries, occupational health care and insurances. In addition, we would like to involve you in ensuring that the employee experience is as successful as possible, for example, by investing in training and supervisory work.


Balance out seasonal peaks

You can take variations in demand into account efficiently in your HR policies and ensure your personnel’s well-being as additional workforce is available when needed, for example, during seasonal peaks or as demand suddenly increases. Through us, you can also find new competent employees that might otherwise be hard to find.


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