A complete guide to Cross-border recruitment

The Nordic countries are facing a growing IT talent shortage and competition for the best talent is tougher than ever. Based on recent studies, there will be need for over 70 000 new IT professionals in the Nordics by 2025.

In this guide we’ll go through:

  • Why are we facing the talent shortage?
  • Where can the talent be found?
  • Opportunities and challenges
  • Tips for preparation and the cross-border
    recruitment process

A comprehensive guide for modern IT recruitment

An extensive information package for the recruitment of IT talent. Lack of developers and a great need for the most competent IT experts forces companies to invest heavily in increased recruitment capacity, employer branding as well as of course employee well-being and commitment.

By reading this guide you’ll :

  • Get knowledge of the IT talent market
  • Get hands-on tips for IT recruitment and headhunting
  • Get specific advice on how to complete the
    recruitment process and market yourself to the applicants.

An insightful guide for cx within tech support

Technical support is still often seen as a supportive troubleshooting function rather than a critical part of the strategic business operations or a function that creates added value: We at Barona IT wanted to discover what are the trends in tech support field now and how do the experts see its development and the meaning of customer experience within tech support.

By reading this guide you’ll get:

  • Expert insights on customer experience present stage and the future in technical field
  • Trends and future visions and plans in
    technical field 
  • Tools on how to achieve a competitive
    advantage in the IT-support services sector

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