International recruitment

Ensure your company’s growth

Courageous companies do not rest on their laurels when there is fierce global competition for competent employees. More and more companies, regardless of their business sector or geographical location, are considering recruiting competent employees from abroad. 

With more than ten years of experience from international recruitments, we promote the competitiveness of Nordic companies and create sustainable alternatives to solve local shortages of workforce and competent employees. We are a partner that operates effortlessly in the international labour markets.

Global labour market expertise

We know the international labour markets and have solid cultural expertise. We target our searches to the regions and countries where competent employees are available. 

Smooth recruitments

We use a functioning process that we have tested in practice. It ensures we find competent employees and have a seamless recruitment process, which means both the employer and employee can focus on their work and core business. We also offer an extensive relocation service.

Transparent, reliable and quality

We have a carefully selected and reliable international partner network that supports our local operations. We are committed to following the international recruitment rules required by the industry’s authorisation, and we always ensure our operations are ethical. 

Steen Damkier
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Steen Damkier
Country Manager