Solutions for technical support

Creating great customer experience to it support

When operating in the IT support field, you will face challenges with finding the balance between work demand and the number of personnel. At the same time, retaining positive customer experience in all situations is extremely important. Optimizing personnel and creating service that meet the work requirements of the future is our key competence. Our approach is always a tailor-made solution consisting of different kinds of strategies – the crucial aspect behind the solution is to optimize the cost without forgetting the exceptional customer experience.

Remote work to support service desk function

The geographic borders of work disappeared years ago and today many jobs can be done remotely. Many in the workforce dream about working abroad and gaining international experience and an increasing number of service desk employees now have the chance to do this.

We have four service centres located in Poland, Spain and Finland (where we have two) where we are able to offer remote services for companies. We recruit native speaking people with the necessary technical skills and help them with the relocation, including travel arrangements and finding accommodations. Our service centres give you the opportunity to offer multichannel, native-speaking technical customer service 24/7 for your customers. For example, in addition to front line desktop and application support, we are able to provide several IT back office tasks, such as monitoring services, for supporting our customers` service desk function.

Platform based, on-demand network service for on-site functions

Improving the quality of on-site staffing services was the starting point of Jelpster, which is a platform based, on-demand service that brings together the community of IT technicians and the company that has constantly unpredictable and sudden needs. As a client you will post a job offer to Jelpster and all suitable employees will be immediately notified through their smart phones. As an IT technician, you have the chance to work according to your own schedule and to accept job offers when it best suits you.

We take care of the IT Technician community. The customer-based community will be defined and created according to the needs of our customer.

Staffing brings security and flexibility

Optimizing workloads and staffing services is one of our core competencies. We operate internationally in the IT support field, handling both the service desk and on-site aspects. Improving efficiency and customer experience is what we aim for and we have created new service models to be able to meet this goal.

Employee satisfaction is a key factor for success

Employees who are motivated and who enjoy their work are the key factor for great IT support service. When the employee works for Barona we take care of all the administrative issues: payroll, work healthcare and insurance. We also aim to support the growth and satisfaction of our employees by creating employee programs and supporting the next steps in their careers.

Henri Pynnönen
Sales Director – Barona IT