Matching the right person with the right job

Our outstanding recruitment expertise is at the heart of everything we do. We continue to constantly develop both our know-how and the supporting tools. A good example of this is our next-generation digital recruiting tool, Jelpp.

Best tools in the business

Our service gives you access to the best digital recruitment tools, such as video interviews and candidate presentations. Employee and suitability assessments are another key part of our toolkit. With our help, you can also strengthen your employer brand by conducting a targeted marketing campaign simultaneously with the recruitment process. You receive flexible and effortless service, as well as consultative support in making the right recruitment decision.

Service to suit your needs

We offer our clients the assistance they need for any recruitment, whether for a part of the process or a more far-reaching solution. We know different recruitment strategies like the back of our hand and generously share our know-how to the benefit of our clients. Employees can either be recruited directly into your organisation or be employed by us.

Short- or long-term needs

In addition to recruiting for single positions, we offer tailored solutions for continuous service and projects. Our service model allows you to trust any part of the recruitment process in the hands of specialists. Our team of professionals will handle the recruitment stage, or the entire process, on behalf of your business.

Industry-specific expertise

When you do business with Barona, you are always dealing with an expert in your field. All of our recruiters are specialized in one of our business sectors and have personal work experience in the field where they recruit. We take pride in speaking our clients´ language.

Marketing services

Recruitment provides an excellent opportunity for marketing your business in a genuine and positive way. There is a heavy battle being waged over the best experts and top talent regularly receive calls from headhunters. A well-targeted recruitment marketing message will set your company apart and generate a wider positive feeling by showing that the company is growing and hiring new talent.

Henri Pynnönen
Sales Director – Barona IT