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Welcome to Denmark!

Are you looking to expand or grow your business in Denmark. We can offer your company a partnership that makes it easy.

A local partner with global networks

Grow your business in Denmark with us. We provide you the needed talent, local know-how and consultancy cost-efficient.




Payroll administration

Labour force management


Expanding your business to a new country has never been so easy

Value for Money

You pay only for the results and we can start with one recruitment and scale it up when there is more support needed.

Excellent candidate experience

Doing stuff well is super important when you are new in the market. Let us help you to keep the talent happy.

Local entity with global muscle

We provide you with local know-how and our global talent networks.

Why Denmark?

Denmark offers flexible labour market and access to skilled talent without complex bureaucracy. Danish market is ideal for both big corporations and tech startups. 

All the elements of a booming business are in Denmark: talented and ambitious people, creative business models, capital and entreprenial mindset. 

Answers to Your Questions

Q: How is the labour market in Denmark?
A: In Denmark you will experience a labour market flexibility that is second to none. Combining flexibility and security, Denmark’s flexicurity model gives your company Europe’s best up and down-scaling conditions so you can adapt to market changes quickly and efficiently. Denmark’s membership of the European Union provides unrestricted access to a total EU market of 350 million people.

Q: How about taxes in Denmark?
A: With a corporate tax rate of 22% and a unique no double taxation rule, Denmark is ideal for a Scandinavian headquarters and for Nordic expansion. The corporate tax rate in Denmark is 22%, placing Denmark below the average OECD and EU level. Uniquely among the Nordic countries, Denmark has no double taxation for Danish companies with branches abroad and you get full tax rebate of R&D expenses and of interest arising from acquisitions. Attractive tax schemes for foreign researchers and key employees is also among the tax advantages in Denmark.

Q:How about the Danish economy?
A: Denmark is a strong and historically stable economy, located at the centre of prosperous Scandinavia. Greater Copenhagen is the largest market in Scandinavia, offering competitive taxation and labour costs and highly skilled employees.

Denmark is located in Europe’s most prosperous region from which trade with the Nordic countries, Western and Central Europe as well as the expanding economies of Eastern Europe is easy. Greater Copenhagen is the largest market in Scandinavia, providing access to 100 million affluent consumers in Northern Europe within 24 hours.

Source: Copenhagen Capacity


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