We are the solution

Barona, established in 1999, is a diversified service company. We are the largest company among staffing agencies in Finland.​

We employ over 30,000 workers for our clients and ​
our own companies annually.​

We develop working life with comprehensive service solutions that support the growth of personnel and companies and connect technology, data and people. ​

Our services include e.g. outsourcing, recruitment, temporary staffing, and work ability services as well as working life training and coaching.​

We operate in Finland in over 30 locations and internationally in 9 countries, including Denmark.

In the IT field, we also operate under our joined Nordic venture called Northstar Talent – offering our recruitment services across country borders.

Our operations are guided by our values: courage, sustainability, freedom and working together.

EUR 346 million

Our revenue in 2020.


The number of recruitment experts and HR professionals working for us.


Countries we operate in, with service centers in Poland and Spain

30 000

People found for open positions at our client companies.


People we train annually for new professions.

38 000 hours

Of new technology developed for working life per year

Our Story

It was the year 1999. Finland had just emerged from a deep recession. Construction sites were booming constantly everywhere around Finland. That manifested itself as a shortage of workers that hindered vigorous economic growth. Two young men, Markus Oksa and Mikko Leppänen, had an idea. Could they recruit workers and hire them out for construction sites? ​

The idea led to bold testing. As the story goes, the most important investment they made was a van in which that drove around every morning to pick up workers and took them to the construction sites. The idea proved to be feasible. ​

The operation was boldly branched out to other business sectors too. It didn’t take long for the company to get to a point where it also experienced growth through takeovers. A brave trailblazer and employer was born in Finland.​

And now, twenty plus years later, Barona is a service company that is highly competent in data and technology and is the 6th largest employer in Finland. Barona is a part of the Bravedo group, named after the most important element of Barona’s story: bravery. The bravery to grow and move forward. 

Barona tomorrow

The world needs pioneers who are brave enough to show the way. Trailblazers who boost competitiveness. The world needs new ways of working, new ways of employment and new ways of building sustainable growth.​

We at Barona believe that technological development is the driving force that rewards trendsetters and unearths people’s highest potential. Our job is to help you grow, even during uncertainties. ​

We promise to make the difficult simple and to find the answers to the road blocks of growth. We want to develop service innovations and platforms together with our clients. Through technology and bravery, we want to build a world where everybody has more freedom to grow on their own terms.​

Comprehensive solutions that transcend business and competence boundaries put our clients first. They bring additional value to our clients that others are not able to produce. Our strength is in working together and networking with the most ambitious companies of their respective fields. The courage to try, fail and try again is our path to success.​

In 2025, we will be the biggest employer in Finland and a leading service agency when it comes to connecting and developing technology, data and people’s potential. Our home and our roots are in Finland, but our culture and operations are transnational.​

Barona is a trailblazer. Barona is a solution. Barona is a service company.