Local Recruitment Partner – WITH GLOBAL MUSCLE

Our solutions

We are a Danish IT recruiter offering a wide range of IT recruitment solutions that help you find the right talent and get back into growth mode. These are the solutions we provide for our clients:

IT Recruitment & Headhunting

End-to-end IT recruitment process as a service that combines talent attraction by using recruitment marketing, and headhunting to reach passive candidates

IT Resourcing & Staffing

Hiring suitable professionals for short-term or long-term projects with an hourly-based cost model

HR & IT Recruitment Consulting

As an experienced IT headhunter, we also give strategy consultancy in topics such as Talent Acquisition & HR practices

Employer of Record (EOR) Services

We’re also capable of handling your payroll and related tasks, so you can focus your time on growing the business

What we do

Our job as an IT recruitment agency is to help companies grow and scale their businesses, by supporting them in attracting and hiring talented IT professionals. Below are three of our main focus areas:


Supporting business growth by finding the right people to make it possible. As an IT recruiter, we help customers to beat the talent shortage with all kinds of solutions, whether it’s talent acquisition and attraction globally or locally, building an attractive employer brand, or upskilling the existing talent on the market to meet the customer’s needs.


Solutions to help customers scale their operations to seize business opportunities. We’ll find you the right talent at the right time for temporary business needs such as project work, consulting, or in need of special expertise. From our wide network of IT professionals, we can match you with the most suitable talent, either as an hourly-based consultancy or delivery as a service.


We have +10 years of experience in talent acquisition in the IT sector and know the pitfalls of this industry. With this experience we can help you to place people in the center of your business, whether it’s all about building an in-house talent acquisition team from scratch, having external consultants for your TA team, or receiving strategic consulting to support your HR operations in the highly competitive talent market.

We are a local player with global muscle.

Even though we’re an agile operation in Copenhagen, our Finnish mother company Barona is one of the largest staffing and recruitment agencies in the Nordics. Barona now operates in 10+ countries across Europe which means we have connections in multiple countries and the resources of a large company backing our Danish operation.

This enables us to offer the best IT recruitment services for our clients even across country borders, helping them with their talent needs – no matter how big, small, or challenging they are.

Each year, our 700+ recruitment professionals find more than 30 000 new employees for our clients, helping them grow and scale.

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