Recruitment marketing

Creative and professional solutions

Recruitment marketing offers a solution for the lack of skilled workers. We offer a comprehensive set of recruitment marketing services from smaller sections to outsourcing all recruitment marketing. We identify the best channels and methods to reach the correct target groups.

When there is not enough talents available in the market, in addition to more traditional recruitment methods it needs recruitment marketing and employer branding. Companies need to communicate them as a potential employer outside for the wanted target group as a part of their recruitment process in a way that attracts the wanted target group. 



Besides our marketing and advertising skills, we are familiar with the labour market, recruitment processes as well as the skill demands and target groups in various business sectors. We combine recruitment services, traditional advertising and the measures to improve your employee image quickly and cost-effectively.

More and better job seekers

We reach the right job seekers efficiently with targeted recruitment marketing. The recruitment lead-time becomes shorter as the search includes skilled and motivated candidates.

Positive image to potential employees

Successful target based recruitment marketing strengthens a positive impression of the employer, which supports future recruitments.

Targeted content production

According to a LinkedIn study, applicants think that the most difficult thing about choosing a workplace is that there is not enough information available on companies who are employing. High-quality and genuine content that interests the target group can have a crucial effect on how alluring a company and an open position seem to an applicant.

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