Elevate Programs

Elevate Programs – fast track for motivated and skilled IT professionals

There is a lack of specific talent on the market. We can help you to grow talent by building high level training programs that aim to re-educate new skills and modern technologies to existing IT professionals.

The elevate programs combine high-quality training and practical work: for attendees they will receive a good level knowhow on selected technologies. In addition to trainings, the attendees will work throughout the whole program.

Highly skilled talent

The technologies used in the industry are evolving rapidly and the shortage of new technology experts is bigger every year. At the same time, there are many excellent IT professionals who could quickly adopt new technologies through training.

A new way to recruit talent

Continuous learning and a chance to learn new technologies are an important factor when looking for a new job in IT field. With the elevate program, you provide a clear path to technical career development.

Easy for applicants

Elevate programs are a hassle-free way for IT-specialist to learn new skills and gain a new career. The attendees will receive full pay during the entire program from Barona IT.

Customer story:
Beyond Java – Angular Edition

Barona IT and CGI joined forces to develop a training program for professional software developers. The Beyond Java program gives software developers the opportunity to upgrade their technical expertise through customer projects and top-notch international training in a fully paid program.

Developers who joined the program will have access to in-depth Angular training, organized by Barona IT with the help of Thoughtram and customer work through CGI.

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